Free 5-day challenge reveals how YOU...

a business professional

can start to gain LIFE purpose beyond your career.

Unearth your CORE VALUES and your intuition will feel like an activated inner-GPS, so you gain a clearer direction in all areas of your life.

This challenge / course is CPD Approved - you will receive a certificate once complete.

When your core values are discovered, you will be more confident in your decision making, going about life with more poise and ease.

You will become clearer across all areas of our lives, including relationships, business and more importantly your life purpose. 

This leads to more happiness for you as well as increased feelings of well-being, and a more a fulfilled life for you.

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MONDAY 21st to FRIDAY 25th June

1 hour per day. ⏱

You spend 20/30 minutes on the daily task, done anytime, anywhere! 🛀🏻

Then 30 minutes at 7.30pm (ish) each evening on the Facebook Live where further powerful information is shared on the benefits of knowing your Core Values. ⚡️


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Hosted by

Karen Deas - The Change Agent KD

  • It's only 1 hour per day and I will show you how to find clarity and direction in your life.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of what's important to you.
  • You will feel more confident in your decision making.
  • More of your true identity will be unveiled to you.
  • The Facebook group is a space where everyone is all striving for the same thing, so feel free to make friends. There will be support, community and I will be on hand answering any questions.

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